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Great Lakes Coastal Flood Study Open House

On December 7, 2017, FEMA invited Lake Erie Shoreline public officials, property owners, realtors, lenders, and insurance agents to learn more about flood risk and hazard mitigation within the community at an Open House. This was an opportunity to review recently completed Preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and its accompanying Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM's). The FIS & FIRM's provide base flood (also known as the 1% annual chance event) information, designate areas that are subject to significant flood hazard areas with the county and offer information that public officials may use when permitting development in the floodplain. 

The Open House allowed the public to meet with representatives from various local, state, and federal agencies who provided the most current information about flood risk, flood insurance, floodplain development regulations and the process for floodplain mapping within Ottawa County. The newly prepared preliminary FIRMs were also on display. Information pertaining to just Danbury Township is available in the links below that we have pulled from FEMA's website. Some of this information was too large to load onto our own website, so secure links are provided. Please keep in mind that some of these documents are very large and may take a few minutes to fully load. 

Preliminary Flood Map Panels for Danbury
Index Panel 
Panel 160D Tip of East Harbor Channel
Panel 165D 
- N. Buck Road/269 Area & Lightner Rd. to almost Church Rd. 
Panel 170D 
- Church Rd. to Lakeside (most of the center of the Township)
Panel 186D 
- E. Harbor Road/163 from east side of Lakeside to Village
Panel 188D - Bayshore Rd. from Emerald Shores to Baypoint
Panel 305D - Danbury Station Rd. & Harbor Bay Estates
FIS - Flood Insurance Study

Official Preliminary Maps - Map Viewer

* * * * *

On September 14, 2016, staff from Danbury Township attended a meeting held in Oak Harbor by FEMA, who shared updates regarding their Great Lakes Coastal Study. Please click on the items below to be able to view them. 

It has come to the Township's attention that FEMA is preparing new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for Ottawa and the surrounding Counties. While Ottawa County recently adopted maps in 2015, these proposed new maps would replace the 2015 maps. FEMA anticipates that these new maps will be ready for adoption within the next 2-3 years (2018-2019). During this 2-3 year time frame, they will conduct public meetings and community outreach for residents to attend and comment. The Township will do the best that we can to help filter that information to our residents. 

The meeting in September that took place was open to coastal communities, such as Danbury, and their representatives to learn about FEMA's study and to view draft results of the study. Below we have included a link to information that has been provided to us thus far. 

The Township feels it is vital to provide our residents this information because there are substantial changes proposed. FEMA is proposing to create a new coastal flood hazard area referred to as a VE zone and coastal AE zone. These new zones are subject to strong potential damage as a result of wave action from Lake Erie. These new zones also carry unique construction standards, which will result in stilt or piling construction. In these new zones, the top of the finished floor is no longer the standard either, in order to be considered "above" the base flood elevation (BFE). Rather the bottom of the lowest horizontal floor structure will have to be at or above the BFE. Additionally, no fill dirt will be permitted to be brought in for structural support for foundations. Someone inland, or outside of these coastal zones will still be able to measure their BFE from the top of their finished first floor. 

If you have recently done new construction on your property or installed new break walls, this information needs to get to FEMA. Please do not assume that if you are currently working with FEMA, ODNR or Army Corps. on a project, that this information is is getting shared with those working on these maps. The contacts for those working on the map is in the link below. They would prefer engineered data, but if you are a property put into a VE zone or zone that you were not once included in, and have never flooded before, you are encouraged to share this information with them. 

We understand that people will have many questions, as we the Township also have many questions. What we share here is what we know. We have no information at this time on what this does to insurance rates, prior LOMA's, building height restrictions, or other construction standards that will eventually change. We are learning all of this the same time as you are. We will be happy to try to assist you to get you in touch with the proper County Flood, FEMA or ODNR representative to answer specific questions, but please keep in mind that the Township officials and staff are not flood experts. 

To see your specific property, please use the website links below. In the top right corner of the map, you can search by address or just scroll/zoom-in to your property. Feel free to play around with the buttons on the left, especially by clicking on the "Content" button. There you will be able to check the box for our current official flood maps and then click on the proposed coastal map to see the changes proposed for your property. 

Pre-Meeting Information:
July Summer Letter
August Letter

Website Links:
http://fema.maps.arcgis.com www.greatlakescoast.org

Meeting Information Presented:
Summary Report
Datum Conversion Sheet
VE Zone Information
Link to Erie/Ottawa/Sandusky County Presentation: http://bit.ly/2cETvgf

Flood Map Panels for Danbury
Panel 052 - Danbury Station Road & Harbor Bay Estates Area
Panel 160 - Tip of East Harbor Channel
Panel 165 - N. Buck Road/269 Area & Lightner Rd. to almost Church Rd. 
Panel 170 - Church Rd. to Lakeside (most of the center of the Township)
Panel 186 - E. Harbor Road/163 from east side of Lakeside to Village
Panel 188 - Bayshore Rd. from Emerald Shores to Baypoint

Transect Data Sheets - (General Vicinity Covered)
Transect 7 - Lightner Rd. 
Transect 8Danbury Station & Sandusky Bay Bridge Transect 9Harbor Bay Estates & Meter Road Transect 10E. Bayshore Rd. @ Church Road Transect 11 - Whitecaps Lane Transect 12 - Commodore Court Transect 13 - Bay Vista & Cook Dock
Transect 14 - Willow Cove & Napama 
Transect 24 - East side of Lakeside
Transect 25 - West side of Lakeside (Northern Avenue)
Transect 26 - Perryview, Florence, Miley
Transect 27 - Gravel Bar, Lake, Rollie
Transect 28 - East Harbor, Northview, Plumbrook
Transect 29 - East Harbor, 269 & 163 Intersection
Transect 30 - Middle Harbor, West Harbor, N. Buck Road area

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