Zoning Department

Kathryn A. Dale

Contact Information
Kathryn A. Dale, AICP
Zoning & Planning Administrator

Cheryl Harmsen
Zoning Assistant

      Phone:  (419) 734-6120
      Fax:      (419) 734-3137
      Hours:   M, T, TH, F:  9a.m to 4p.m
                    W.:  9 - 11 and 4 - 6:30
Email: zoning@danburytownship.com

The Zoning Office is located at
5972 E. Port Clinton Eastern Road
Marblehead, Ohio 43440
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Zoning was adopted in November 1975, dividing the Township into zones or districts regulating the size, location, height, and use of buildings and structures, the area and dimensions of lots that are deemed best suited to carry out the purpose of promoting public health, safety, morals, comfort and general welfare; to conserve and protect property and property values; to secure the most appropriate use of land, and to facilitate adequate but economical provisions of public improvements and prescribing penalties and proceedings for the administration and enforcement of the Zoning Resolution.

Zoning Department Links

       Annual Reports
       Board of Zoning Appeals
- Application & Deadlines
- Agenda's & Minutes
- Legal Notices
- Process

       Land Use Plan & Map
       Permits (Application & Fees)

- Monthly & Yearly Issuance Report
- Process
       Violations & Complaints
       Zoning Commission
Application & Deadlines
- Agenda's & Minutes
- Legal Notices
- Process
       Zoning Resolution & Map
       Misc. Township Maps 
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